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Milan is a big city in the North of Italy which is rich in activities and culture, but it is also a chaotic metropolis, where different cultures, needs and the Italian spirit mix up together. Milan is, after Rome, the most densely populated Italian centre, with 1.302.000 inhabitants and it is the seat of the most important industrial, commercial and bank activities of our peninsula. Milan is the home of various important business centers, financial institutions and Italy's stock market. Further, the city is also known for its leading high fashion.

During the Second World War, the town was heavily bombed until the arrival of the allied, on 25th April 1945, when the conflict ended.After the war the re-establishment started: industries and commerce developed and made Milan become the present-day metropolis.

One of the popular tourist attractions in Milan is Castello Sforzesco. The castle dates from the renaissance period and was built in the 14 century by Galeazzo II as a defensive structure. Another not to miss attraction is Milan Duomo - the third largest cathedral in the world, taking four centuries to finish. Take care that Italy is catholic and entering in a holy place is only allowed with adequate clothes. In the museum of "Palazzo Reale" on the cathedral's square the interested visitor learns more about history and architecture of the cathedral. There are many popular festivals and events in and around Milan, including the Gran Premio di Monza - the Grand Prix of Italy held at nearby Monzo, Carnevale Amrosiano - the longest carnival in the world and the Fieri di Chiaravalle - a famous fair in the bell tower of the Chiaravalle Cistercian abbey.

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Click here for tourist attractions in Milan
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